The Beginning of a Creative Journey

Whenever I tell people I'm an English major and express my ardent passion for literature and the written word, one of the most common questions asked is "do you have any of your writing online?" For years, I've rattled off excuses as to why I've kept my thoughts and creative endeavors confined to the pages of a variety of Moleskine notebooks in different sizes and colors. Beneath my flimsy justifications was a very common fear of criticism and ridicule that I blatantly refused to overcome. However, as I pack up my things and depart for the University of Michigan and the somewhat foreign world that is Ann Arbor at the close of the summer, I will thrusting myself head first into an ocean of challenges. As I do so, I have decided to take yet another leap of faith and do just the thing that I have refused to for many years. By starting this lifestyle/fashion blog, I plan to share my style, inspiration, and experiences in a way that projects my voice. It's about time I stop making excuses and start following my creative instincts.