A Caffeinated Tour of Ann Arbor: Lab Cafe

When I am exploring new places, I almost always gravitate toward coffee shops. There is something about being in a space with a lot of people working, conversing, and sharing a love for coffee (and other beverages, I suppose) that is extremely stimulating. Throughout my first two months here, I've probably spent a bit too much money on the Ann Arbor cafe experience. However, I am entirely  unashamed. Over the next year, I will be highlighting some of my favorite locations in the city I now call home starting with Lab Cafe

One of the best things about Lab is the atmosphere. The comforting feeling I got when walking in the door may be partially attributed to the fact that it is a relatively small space. There are only a few tables placed somewhat close together and several chairs around a coffee table, but there is beauty in feeding off the energy of those around you. 

As a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, I find it important to note that Lab sells Madcap Coffee (as noted in the first photo). Seeing a few bags of Oktoberfest on the shelf made me feel at home. 

I recommend trying the Honey Lavender Latte when you visit, it just might change your world.