A Myth-Crushing Dream

Nothing excites me more than discovering new publications - it often sends me spiraling into a cycle of rejuvenated passion for my future creative pursuits/career. Telling people here in West Michigan that I want to go into the publishing field and eventually become an editor/creative director often results in a lot of confused looks and comments. "But I thought printed matter was dead?" "You're not going to be able to get anywhere in that field." - All of these statements and more have been directed at me throughout my life due to the growing belief that palpable literature is a thing of the past. However, when I come across a new magazine/collection/publication I am instantly reminded of the power and strong presence of printed matter. It is far from dead - it is thriving thanks to the many creative beings who refuse to stop chasing their dreams and living their passions. I am happy to be one of these individuals and cannot wait until I can begin contributing to the inspiring wildfire that is printed matter. 

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