Farewell to the Fairground

As I begin cleaning out my room and packing up my possessions in preparation for my move to Ann Arbor, it's hard for me not to reflect on the last four years of my life. Although I live in an extremely small town and went to high school in one only slightly bigger, I was still fortunate enough to live close to the city of Grand Rapids and have a variety of stimulating experiences. Some of my strongest memories come from exploring and interacting with GR, whether that be browsing through handmade goods at Have Company, dancing/singing along to Radiator Hospital at The Bunker, or drinking coffee at Lyon Street Cafe. The experiences I have had here are something I will definitely miss as I begin the next chapter in my life.

I chose to attend the University of Michigan (and turned down a full-tuition scholarship to another school) because I wanted to challenge myself - because I wanted to provide myself with extensive opportunities to help me become the best that I can be. I am confident that attending UofM will offer me all of the above and I can't wait to begin pursuing my dreams in Ann Arbor.

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